Delivery Options

You can choose between several different delivery services to suit your needs. Simple Very Simple has partnered with specialized and experienced companies that offer several different delivery services, take back and installation. 

The standard delivery is within 4 business days following your purchase. For example If you place an order on the Monday you will get the delivery by the following Thursday. If you order by Friday you will get the delivery by Wednesday.

Curbside delivery

The standard delivery is at curbside. Curbside delivery happens at a point closest to your address where the first lift of the product needs to happen eg. doorstep, driveway or garage. 

If you prefer to take delivery in your house/apartment or wishes to have your appliance installed you may choose one of the other options at an additional cost.

Home delivery
+ 490 DKK

Do you live in an apartment on the 4th floor? No problem. If the appliance can fit through your front door there should not be any problem. 

However, if you are unsure about the fit please check the delivery terms and follow the checklist to avoid an aborted delivery.

+ 690 DKK

The Simple, very simple installers are trained and certified household appliances installers. They are however, not carpenters, plumbers or electricians. 

They can connect your appliance to electricity, water and sewerage – it’s however not possible to make any changes to existing installations or structures. 

However, if you are unsure about your installations please check out the delivery terms and follow the helpful checklist to avoid a missed delivery.

Each additional installation beyond the first is +300 DKK

Take Back

Simple, Very Simple offer to take back your appliance free of charge and make sure the products are product life extended, re-used as spare parts or recycled for material recovery. 

To take advantage of the take back scheme for your discarded product you must make sure that the discarded machine is not connected to electricity/water/sewerage and the machine must be fully prepared in terms of fx dismounting any board if it’s an integrated appliance. 

Furthermore, the machine should be made available where the new machine is delivered. 

If you are in doubt please carefully read the delivery terms or ask directly.