The Why

The modern way of life – take, make, use and throw away – is not sustainable. In Denmark almost 3.000 large household appliances are discarded every day. That’s more than 1.000.000 appliances per year – simply thrown away. This creates a massive waste of resources and carbon emissions. The worst part is that most of the machines can be fixed to become new again. It’s just too expensive to do in your home. Simple Very Simple has found a way to change all that.

washing machine

The What

With Simple, Very Simple you buy sustainable appliances. Discarded appliances are inspected, tested, fixed and made ready for a new life. At the moment Simple, Very Simple can re-use 30% of all appliances. Gradually that will move towards 70-80% re-use. When you buy a Simple, Very Simple appliance you save on average 227 kg CO2e per appliance and 55kg feq of virgin natural resources over the life cycle of the appliance. With Simple, Very Simple you can help slow down if not stop the massive over-consumption, pollution, CO2-emissions and over use of resources.

The How

When you buy a Simple Very Simple appliance you choose what type of appliance you want and which one of the three qualities. All appliances come with a 2 year warranty and 6 months guarantee. The purchase includes standard delivery at the curb and you can choose to upgrade to include installation. Because Simple Very Simple loves appliances you can return your old appliance free of charge. If it’s possible your appliance will be made ready for a 2nd life – if not Simple Very Simple makes sure that all components are reused and the remains are recycled with a certified recycler.