Kristoffer Hvidsteen


Kristoffer Hvidsteen, founder of Simple, very simple has worked professionally with sustainability issues for more than 20 years.

He’s an economist from University of Copenhagen and began his career in Statistics Denmark in 1995 where he compiled the first Green National Accounts for Denmark. He also compiled the first activity based greenhouse gas inventory (CO2e) for Nuuk Municipality in Greenland.

Since he has worked in a number of government offices, the World Bank, Deloitte and EKF on social and environmental sustainability issues. In 2019 he stopped as Nordic Director in Accenture where he advised some of the largest companies in the world on circular economy and sustainability eg. IKEA and Novo Nordisk.
His insight into the ’hidden’ waste problem particular in the Electronics and electrical equipment industry and its consequences globally fostered the notion of starting up a company that help change the prevailing ways of linear production and consumption. The experience of the significant gap between what is needed to fight global climate change and the inaction of both the public and private sectors evidenced fx by the COP25 led him to found Simple, very simple.

Simple, very simple wants to give everybody the opportunity to act on climate by changing how production and consumption works today, through climate- and natural resource positive solutions.

Every Simple, very simple appliance on average saves the planet the pollution of 227 kg of CO2e and of 55 kg feq (natural resource extraction) throughout its entire lifecycle compared to buying a new appliance. A metric that will improve further when the energy sector is driven fully by renewables.